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DIN EN ISO 14903 (EN 16084) Refrigeration systems and heat pumps


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Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Thomas Schnerr


Tightness of components and joints

DIN EN ISO 14903 (old EN 16084) Refrigeration systems and heat pumps – Qualification of tightness of components and joints

DIN EN ISO 14903 describes procedure for testing the leakage of hermetic and non-hermetic components, joints and fittings certified by EN 378 and used in refrigerant systems. Manufacturers or constructors of refrigerant or air condition systems are requested to use components tested according to DIN EN ISO 14903. Either the components are already bought as certified or they have  to be qualified according to the test procedure described in DIN EN ISO 14903. DIN EN ISO 14903 requests different test procedures depending on structural and functional characteristic of the components, joints and fitting and simulating the normal operating behavior. The maximum allowed leakage rate of the specimen depends on the type of components. The severest class of tightness is A1. Measuring the overall rate of leakage will be done by using test procedures according to EN 13185 or by using the over-pressure test in a vacuum test chamber according to EN 1779. Technical equipment for evacuation, over-pressure test, temperature test, operational pressure test, or mechanical vibration test procedures are available at the ILK Dresden. Testing of tightness will be done by certified employees. Technical equipment:

  • Calibrated leakage measurement system 3x10-8 mbar l/s Helium
  • Helium gas detector detection threshold 1x10-11 mbar l/s
  • Pressure bottles up to 200 bars with helium
  • Different test vacuum test chambers 1 to 25 liters

In order to carry out the required type tests, various testing technologies are available at the ILK for carrying out pressure swing tests, temperature tests and vibration tests.

Alternative test procedures mentioned in DIN EN ISO 14903 like bubble tests or measurement of gas diffusion can also be realized as well. 

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