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Hydrogen test area at ILK Dresden


PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Jürgen Klier


Pressure UP to 1000 bar and temperature DOWN to -263 °C

An innovative hydrogen test area for cryogenic high pressure applications has been established at the ILK Dresden. This test area enables

  • fundamental investigations on hydrogen (gaseous and liquid)
  • tests and qualification of components of any kind in the temperature range from 10 K (–263 °C /  –441 °F) and under pressure conditions ranging from high vacuum to 1000 bar (14500 psi) hydrogen atmosphere.
  • investigations on the charging and discharging process of hydrogen tanks
  • developments of new storage technologies to achieve high hydrogen storage densities (up to about 100 kg/m³). See chart below:

Furthermore, the new test area is the basis for the development of new components like:

  • re-cooling systems (capillary expander, Joule-Thomson-cooler)
  • latent-heat storage systems (eutectic mixture, Gibbs-Thomson-storage)
  • general pressure chambers suitable for cryogenic temperatures and pressure up to 1000 bar (14500 psi)
  • special heat exchangers

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