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Multistage Axial Fan

BMWi Euronorm Innokom Ost


Christian Friebe



Power by Contra Rotation


Studies have shown that the use of contra-rotating axial flow fans is beneficial in terms of performance and efficiency. In this research project, we use these findings to develop a multi-stage fan. However, unlike in most fans of this type, we do not use guiding vanes, but energy-transmitting impellers with an opposite sense of rotation and adapted speed.


  • axial tube fan with high pressure rise
  • compact design by displacment of guiding vanes
  • higher power density by active, energy transferring blades instead of guiding vanes
  • higher efficiency through swirl reduction in the flow of the last stage
  • automatic adjustment of the impeller speeds accordung to different modes of operation

Technical solutions

The goals of this project will be achieved by using two key technical solutions. The contra-rotation of the blade pairs within a single fan stage allows the compact design. By means that more power can be transferred to the fluid in a smaller space. The use of an automatic speed adjustment of the second impeller stage to the operating conditions leads to a wide optimum operating range. The structure of the prototype is performed with three stages and an external diameter of 120 mm.


  • Duct fans
  • For systems with a high pressure loss and demand to an axial fluid guidance
  • fans with a low space requirement
  • Use at changing working conditions


  • Video with measured swirl at axial fan outlet link


Friebe C, Velde O, Krause R and Hackeschmidt K (2018), "DESIGN AND INVESTIGATION OF A MULTISTAGE AXIAL CONTRA-ROTATING FAN", FAN 2018; International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamcis, Applications and Systems, 18. – 20. 04. 2018, Darmstadt, Germany. , pp. 1-12.

Velde O, Friebe C and Korfanty M (2017), "Design and Optimisation of Contra-Rotating Fans; Symposium on Innovative Simulations in Turbomachinery ISimT, Rottach/Egern 2017"

Friebe C (2016), "Anwendung gegenläufiger Ventilatoren in der Klimatechnik, 23.05.2016", In DKV, Dresden.

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