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Optimization of pharmaceutical freezing processes

for Industry and Research Institutes

Johannes Heidingsfelder


On intermediate bulk and final bulk state

The goal is the product-specific characterization of final / intermediate bulk freezing processes within biotechnological production and its optimization with respect to the residual product activity.

For this purpose we have developed an innovative method for the numerical simulation of the freezing process and the activity loss of the protein as well as the analysis of protein aggregation. The bilateral approach allows the prediction of the product loss depending on the harmful mechanism of the freezing process.

This unique approach realizes:

  • Resource-saving optimization of cryopreservation processes and storage of biopharmaceutical product solution
  • High-resolution process analytics and numerical simulation of pharmaceutical freezing processes
  • Development and optimization of lyophilization processes

Extensive methodical competence in laboratory- and process analytics allow:

  • Material pick-up analysis
  • Detection of protein aggregation
  • ... and much more

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