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PCM4all - thermal storage for home appliances


Dr. Jörg Waschull



Phase stabilized PCM in practice


The targets of this project were the reduction of energy demand and the increase of the load shifting potential of home appliances. Particular polymer-bound phase change materials (PCM) were composed and characterized to meet these targets. Appliance components with heat storage functionality were made of these innovative materials. Furthermore, it was part of the project to integrate these components into dishwashers, refrigerators and laundry dryer and to adapt the appliance control to make effectively use of the new elements. Development and optimization of the phase change materials was duty of the Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research. It was the task of ILK Dresden to develop, to test and to integrate the new components into the appliances. This was done in tight collaboration with the appliance manufacturer BSH. Our project part comprehended the design of the components, their thermal and mechanical characterization, cycle and life-time tests as well as consulting regarding the integration of the storage components into the appliances and the adaption of the control algorithms.

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