Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Electrical components in refrigeration circuits
Image Non- invasive flow measurements
Image Certifiable connection types in cryogenics
Image Testing of mobile leak detectors according to DIN EN 14624
Image Thermal engines
Image 3D - Air flow sensor
Image Intelligent innovative power supply for superconducting coils
Image Lifetime prediction of hermetic compressor systems
Image Filter Tests
Image Reduction of primary noise sources of fans
Image Cryostats, Non-Metallic and Metallic
Image Air-water heat pumps
Image Pulse-Tube-Refrigerator with sealed compressor
Image Characterisation of Superconductors in Hydrogen Atmosphere
Image Low Temperature Measuring Service
Image Refrigerants, lubricants and mixtures

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M.Sc. Christian Hanzelmann



Herstellung neuartiger Sperrschichten an elastomeren Dichtungsmaterialien zur Verminderung der Permeation des Kältemittels R744 (CO2)

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Further Projects


High temperature heat pump

Using waste heat from industrial processes


Air-water heat pumps

Test according DIN EN 14511 and 14825


Micro heat exchangers in refrigeration

3D-printing of micro heat exchangers


Electrochemical decontamination of electrically conducting surfaces „EDeKo II“

Improvement of sanitary prevention by electrochemical decontamination