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Prüflabor Wärmepumpen at ILK Dresden


Dr.-Ing. Matthias Böhm


Test Fluid-Energy Machines and Components

The laboratory for testing heat pumps at ILK Dresden - Prueflabor Waermepumpen - PLWP has conducted the reaccreditation in 09/2016. Since september 2016 we are reaccredited until 2022. The testing fields "Determination of the heating and cooling capacity of fluid energy machines and refrigeration components" as well as acoustic determinations on fluid energy machines and refrigeration components were verified.

Our two testing fields include especially measurements of heat pumps, refrigerant compressors, condensing units and heat exchangers (test standards EN 14511, EN 14825, EN 16147; EN 13771-1, EN 13771-2; EN 327, EN 328; DIN EN ISO 3741; DIN EN ISO 9614 and DIN EN 12102). 

In the result a test report is created (DAkkS checking-seal), that is internationally acknowledged within the framework of the ILAC-agreement.

Status of accreditation

registration number PLWPDAkkS D-PL-11043-01-00
Norm systemDIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
Validationuntil 12.06.2022
Frist accreditationFebruary 2008
Last accreditationDecember 2016
technical supervisionJune 2018
developmentuntil December 2019: Transformation of the current norm DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03 into the management system of PLWP



Service Offer PLWP

The laboratory offers the following services according the accreditation:

  • Performance test of air-water heat pumps
  • Performance test of water/brine-water heat pumps
  • Performance test of refrigeration compressors
  • Performance test of condensing units
  • Sound measurement of heat pumps or compressors
  • Performance test of industrial fans

Additional Test Capabilities

The ILK has many experiecene in Testing out of many different research project. With this knowlege we offer the following test services outside the accreditation:

  • Condition and damage analyses at refrigeration compressors
  • Measurements at thermostatic expansion valves
  • Measurements at electrical expansion vales 
  • Tests of refrigeration controllers
  • Efficiency tests of cooling systems
  • Test of domestic refrigerators and tumble dryers
  • Measurment of condensers and evaporators







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