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Pump for liquid Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium, LNG ..

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Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Zerweck-Trogisch


Cryogenic liquid pump with linear drive

Cryogenic liquid pumps with linear drive are suited for filling vessels with cryogenic liquids or to produce a continuous fluid flow. In this project a scalable, all-purpose cryogenic liquid pump was developed. The pump is fully submerged in the cryogenic liquid, so all parts of the pump are at the temperature of the cryogenic liquid. Main application of this pump is the transport of liquid hydrogen from the car tank to the combustion engine or fuel cell.

Video Operation with Liquid Argon and Liquid Nitrogen

Design and Performance Chart

Data for delivering liquid hydrogen
Volume flowup to 100 ml/s (corresponds to 360 l/h)
Pressure headup to 5 bar
Temperature20 ... 28 K
Mechanical pumping power300 W
Operating voltage


Data for delivering other liquefied permanent gases
Volume flowup to 1000 ml/s (corresponds to 3600 l/h)
Pressure headup to 15 bar
Temperature4.2 K up to ambient temperature
Operating voltage


The thermal coefficients of expansion of the different materials is of utmost importance for construction. The pump consists of a cylinder housing made out of polycarbonate carrying the Invar (nickel-iron alloy FeNi36) bushing of the cylinder. The pump piston consists of an Invar carrier with a Vespel SP-22TM (DuPont) liner.

The volumetric pump flow versus operating frequency is shown in the chart below. The tests have been performed under atmospheric back-pressure. For higher back-pressures, the valve closing time is reduced. This leads to an increased volume flow within a certain pressure range.

Granted Patent

DE 10 2008 011 456.1

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