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Research on cell-based spheroids

Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (EURONORM)


Dr. rer. nat. Gabriele Spörl


Is cryobanking possible?


  • Widespread-diseases: e.g. diabetes, liver and muscuskeletal diseases
    • Affected organs: pancreas, liver and e.g. cartialge tissue
  • Spheroid forming cells: Cartilage, skin, vessel, bone, tendon, heart, liver, pancreas and pulp cells
  • Suitability of cell-based spheroids
    • As regenerative therapeutics
    • For screening processes for the implementation of the REACH regulation (REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) on 3D tissue models
    • As a substitute for animal testing in toxicity tests
    • For drug testing in cancer research

Objective of the project

  • Stable and universally applicable model systems and specific spheroid systems
  • Novel non-toxic cryoprotective agents for various methods of cryogenic preservation
  • Basic knowledge of specific reractions of spheroids from cartilage and pulp cells (model tissues) to the effects of low temperatures (−80 °C up to −180 °C)
    → Requirement for basic tests on penetration behavior and the development of cryoprotocols
  • Basic knowledge of the penetration capability of the spheroid membrane for cryoprotectives
  • Cryoprotocols for various methods of cryogenic preservation for model systems and specific spheroid systems
  • Possibility of GMP-compliant (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice) execution of cell or spheriod culture protocols and cryoprotocols

Project flow


  • Creation and establishment of stable and universally applicable model systems and specific spheroid systems for systematic studies of the possibility of cryogenic preservation similarly built artificial and natural 3D tissues
  • Development of novel non-toxic cryoprotective agents and examination of their penetration behavior as moderators of the ice formation
  • Development of novel cryoprotocols for 3D tissues (spheroids)
  • Establishment of quantitatively evaluated detection methods by linking known processes in a novel way

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