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Computational fluid dynamics


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Dipl.-Ing. Donald Stubbe


Scientific Research of Fluid Motion

Computational fluid dynamics

At the Institut für Luft- und Kältetechnik computational fluid dynamics is used to understand fluid motions in and around buildings.

Typical results of simulations in buildings are local temperature and velocity fields. With this we can made conclusions about the comfortableness.

Smoke and fire simulation

The intention of smoke and fire simulation is to recreate the fluid motion in cases of fire. For minimisation of risks the CFD results will compare with defined protection targets to propound solutions.

Brand- und Rauchsimulation

Ziel einer Brandsimulationen ist es, für definierte Brandfälle die Raumluft­strömung nachzubilden. Dabei wird überprüft, ob vorab vereinbarte Schutzziele eingehalten werden, um gegebenenfalls Maßnahmen zur Risikominderung vorzuschlagen.

Numerical Optimisation

Numerical simulation of subassemblies allows the further development and improves for example the effectiveness without time-consuming production of all optimisation steps.

Aerodynamics of vehicles

The numerical simulation of fluid motion in and around vehicles is an alternative in opposition to cost-intensive experiments for example in wind tunnels. It allows the optimisation of fluid motion in an early stage of development or improves existing vehicles.

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