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Low Temperature Measuring Service

Industry and R&D

Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Schneider


Measurement of Thermal Properties at Low Temperatures

The cool down to cryogenic temperature causes thermal stress within the structure of components or complete devices. Furthermore thermal material properties could change crucial.

Samples can be proved down to 10 K via temperature cycling tests and/or measurements of the thermal conductivity, the coefficient of thermal expansion (also as integral for large sample dimensions) and the heat capacity.

Thermal Tests (Cycling)

Cool down rate25 K/h200 K/min
Cool down cycles1Customer preference
Measuring accuracy1 %5 %
 Temperature range80 K (5 K)450 K
Sample preparationCustomer material
Sample dimensionup toØ 400 mm x 550 mm
other  dimenions on request

Thermal Conductivity

Measuring range10-2 W/(m K)103 W/(m K)
Measuring accuracy1 %5 %
 Temperature range10 K350 K
Sample preparationCustomer material
Sample dimensionup toØ 60 mm x 20 mm
other  dimenions on request

Heat Capacity

Measuring range10 J/(kg K)10 J/(kg K)
Measuring accuracy1 %5 %
Temperature range10 K350 K
Sample preparationCustomer material
Sample dimensionup to150 x 150 x 150 mm3
other  dimenions on request

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Measuring range10-6 K-110-4 K-1
Measuring accuracy0.1 %5 %
Temperature range10 K350 K
Sample preparationCustomer material
Sample dimensionup to200 x 200 x 200 mm3
other  dimenions on request

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