Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Development of a Cryogenic Magnetic Air Separation Unit
Image Corrosion inhibitor for ammonia absorption systems
Image Cryogenic liquid piston pumps for cold liquefied gases like LIN, LOX, LHe, LH2, LNG, LAr
Image Certifiable connection types in cryogenics
Image Performance tests of condensing units
Image Investigation according to DIN EN ISO 14903
Image Low Temperature Measuring Service
Image Influenced melting point of water by magnetic field
Image Filter Tests
Image Low noise and non metallic liquid-helium cryostat
Image Non- invasive flow measurements
Image Innovative Manufacturing Technologies for Cryosorption Systems
Image Software modules
Image Preformance measurements of heat exchangers
Image Calibration leak for the water bath leak test
Image Lifetime prediction of hermetic compressor systems

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Further Projects


All-in-one device for freeze-drying and production of biomaterial

with automated freezing and sterilisation option


Investigation according to DIN EN ISO 14903

These tests according to DIN EN ISO 14903 are possible at ILK Dresden