Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Influenced melting point of water by magnetic field
Image 3D - Air flow sensor
Image Micro heat exchangers in refrigeration
Image Lifetime prediction of hermetic compressor systems
Image Behavior of multiphase cryogenic fluids
Image Innovative Parahydrogen Generator Based on Magnets
Image Brine (water)-water heat pump
Image Hydrogen and methane testing field at the ILK
Image Electrochemical decontamination of electrically conducting surfaces „EDeKo II“
Image Measurements on ceiling mounted cooling systems
Image Computational fluid dynamics CFD
Image Testzentrum PLWP at ILK Dresden
Image Reducing the filling quantity
Image High temperature heat pump
Image Helium extraction from natural gas
Image Thermal engines

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Software for test rigs

Individual software for complex tests and evaluation


Computational fluid dynamics CFD

Scientific analysis of flows


Multifunctional electronic modules for cryogenic applications

Electronic with less wiring effort - more than 100 sensors via one feedthrough


Combined building and system simulation

Scientific analysis of thermodynamic processes in buildings and its systems


Reducing the filling quantity

How much refrigerant must be filled?