Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Humidifier System for High-Purity Gases
Image Performance tests of refrigerant compressors
Image Investigation of materials
Image Ice Slurry Generation
Image Refrigerants, lubricants and mixtures
Image Innovative Parahydrogen Generator Based on Magnets
Image Practical training, diploma, master, bachelor
Image Micro heat exchangers in refrigeration
Image Optimizing HVAC operation with machine learning
Image Reducing the filling quantity
Image Low noise and non metallic liquid-helium cryostat
Image Heat2Power
Image Calibration of Low Temperature Sensors
Image Modular storage system for solar cooling
Image Micro fluidic expansion valve
Image Non- invasive flow measurements

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Practical training, diploma, master, bachelor

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Student training - Education at ILK

The ILK Dresden offers interested students the editing of themes for diploma thesis, practical courses, master works and batchelors on the variable technical fields inside of ILK. For this aim concrete topics are pretended which can be adapted and concretised if required. The topics without detailed description are as far as possible variably and are explained and adapted on demand.

  • Cryogenics and Low Temperature Physiks
  • Refrigeration & Heat Pumps
  • Ventilation & Air-Conditioning
  • Applied Materials Engineering
  • Applied Energy Engineering

The Association for Promotion of Ventilation & Air-Conditioning e.V. (registered assoc.) awards yearly outstanding student works which were acquired and coached at ILK with a study prize.

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