Current research projects

Image Ionocaloric cooling
Image Test rigs for refrigeration and heat pump technology
Image Test procedures for electrical components
Image Intelligent innovative power supply for superconducting coils
Image Modular storage system for solar cooling
Image Multifunctional electronic modules for cryogenic applications
Image High temperature heat pump
Image Development of test methods and test rigs for stationary integrated refrigeration units
Image Characterisation of Superconductors in Hydrogen Atmosphere
Image Air-water heat pumps
Image Helium extraction from natural gas
Image Practical training, diploma, master, bachelor
Image Energy efficiency consulting - cogeneration systems
Image Performance tests of condensing units
Image Low Temperature Tribology
Image Verification of storage suitability of cryo tubes

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Tribological investigations of oil-refrigerant-material-systems

Modified Almen-Wieland wear testing machine


Computational fluid dynamics CFD

Scientific analysis of flows


Combined building and system simulation

Scientific analysis of thermodynamic processes in buildings and its systems


Reducing the filling quantity

How much refrigerant must be filled?