Current research projects

Image Industry 4.0 membrane heat and mass exchanger (i-MWÜ4.0)
Image Thermal engines
Image Tensile and compression testing
Image Optimizing HVAC operation with machine learning
Image Overall System Optimization of Refrigeration Plant Systems for Energy Transition and Climate Protection
Image Development of a Cryogenic Magnetic Air Separation Unit
Image In-Situ-Swelling Behaviour of Polymer Materials in Flammable Fluids
Image Innovative small helium liquefier
Image Pulse-Tube-Refrigerator with sealed compressor
Image Solar Cooling
Image Measurement of insulated packaging
Image Test rigs for refrigeration and heat pump technology
Image Certifiable connection types in cryogenics
Image Cryostats, Non-Metallic and Metallic
Image Reduction of primary noise sources of fans
Image Brine (water)-water heat pump

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Electrical components in refrigeration circuits

High voltage tests under real conditions


Investigation of materials

Investigations regarding the compatibility of materials with refrigerants, oils and heat transfer fluids


Non- invasive flow measurements

PDPA - flow fields and particle sizes