Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Low noise and non metallic liquid-helium cryostat
Image Electrochemical decontamination of electrically conducting surfaces „EDeKo II“
Image 3D - Air flow sensor
Image Investigation of coolants
Image Performance tests of condensing units
Image High Capacity Pulse Tube Cooler
Image Innovative small helium liquefier
Image State of system and failure analyses
Image High temperature heat pump
Image Filter Tests
Image Reduction of primary noise sources of fans
Image Heat2Power
Image Development of test methods and test rigs for stationary integrated refrigeration units
Image Range of services laboratory analyses
Image Development of a Cryogenic Magnetic Air Separation Unit
Image Cryogenic liquid piston pumps for cold liquefied gases like LIN, LOX, LHe, LH2, LNG, LAr

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