Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Computational fluid dynamics CFD
Image Low noise and non metallic liquid-helium cryostat
Image Intelligent innovative power supply for superconducting coils
Image Laseroptical measurement
Image Software for technical building equipment
Image Pulse-Tube-Refrigerator with sealed compressor
Image Micro fluidic expansion valve
Image Cryogenic liquid piston pumps for cold liquefied gases like LIN, LOX, LHe, LH2, LNG, LAr
Image Certifiable connection types in cryogenics
Image Innovative Manufacturing Technologies for Cryosorption Systems
Image Measurement of insulated packaging
Image Investigation of coolants
Image Software for test rigs
Image Influenced melting point of water by magnetic field
Image Reduction of primary noise sources of fans
Image Investigation of materials

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