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The hybrid event of the 21st Colloquium for Refrigeration Technology…

…was followed by more than 80 participants


The 21st Dresden Colloquium for Refrigeration Technology, hosted by the Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration, came to a successful end today. The interest was huge. More than 80 participants followed the hybrid event, which focused on the issues heating turn, sector coupling and thermal heat pumps.

How can we succeed in balancing ambitious climate goals and our daily lives?

Especially in the heating turn, so-called “sector coupling” plays an important role. It seems to be the main tool in tackling future challenges in order to establish a stable, affordable and sustainable energy supply. Moreover, refrigeration and heat pump technology at the interface of heat/cold and electricity play an important role in that context. Speakers from economy and science – among them Markus Graebig of 50Hertz, Michael Wördemann of Viessmann, Dr. R. Kretschmer of Sachsenenergie, Prof. Thursten Urbaneck from the TU Chemnitz, Prof. R. Streblow of E.ON Energy Research Center as well as Prof. Uwe Franzke, Christine Tillmann, Dr. Peter Röllig, Ralf Noack and Dr. Matias Safarik of the ILK Dresden – shared their knowledge and experience with the audience.

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