Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Computational fluid dynamics CFD
Image Pulse-Tube-Refrigerator with sealed compressor
Image Electrochemical decontamination of electrically conducting surfaces „EDeKo II“
Image State of system and failure analyses
Image Behavior of multiphase cryogenic fluids
Image Thermal engines
Image Innovative Parahydrogen Generator Based on Magnets
Image Laseroptical measurement
Image Reducing the filling quantity
Image Intelligent innovative power supply for superconducting coils
Image Software for test rigs
Image Cold meter
Image Calibration of Low Temperature Sensors
Image Combined building and system simulation
Image Verification of storage suitability of cryo tubes
Image Refrigerants, lubricants and mixtures

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Solar R290 ice machine debuts at R&HVAC Indonesia 2018

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