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Test rigs for refrigeration and heat pump technology


Are you looking for a possibility to test refrigeration systems, heat pumps or their components according to standard or your own specifications?

The ILK offers you individual or standardized measurements in its test center PLWP as well as test rigs for corresponding test tasks. Based on 25 years of experience these test rigs can be used for development tasks, reference measurements or for quality assurance. The test rigs are developed and designed individually according to customer requirements. The test rigs always have the possibility to test a certain performance range of test objects. The degree of automation of the test rig is adapted to customer requirements. In addition to simple manual or semi-automatic operation, fully automatic test rigs in unmanned operation are possible for endurance tests. Depending on the test task, a partially or fully automated evaluation of the test results is possible. The test rigs are built according to the applicable standards and regulations and are delivered with a corresponding declaration of conformity. The necessary safety equipment can be adapted to the requirements of your test or experimental field.

Precisely calibrated and high-quality sensors and measuring systems are standard in our test rigs. Depending on the degree of automation, a PC with adapted test rig software is also included. The test rigs can be built for all common refrigerants of safety classes A1, A2, A2L and A3 such as R134a, R744 (CO2), R1234yf and R290 (propane - on request). The test rigs are supplied on an adapted frame with integrated or separate control cabinets and are commissioned on site. Container solutions for outdoor installation are also possible, especially for A3 refrigerants like propane. A visualization in the planning and development phase as well as extensive documentation and training are part of the scope of delivery. To ensure that your test rigs always function at a high quality level, we also offer calibration services in cost-effective maintenance contracts.

Compressor performance and life time test rigs

We build test rigs to measure the performance or for service life tests on refrigerant compressors in accordance with the DIN EN 13771-1 standard or its requirements. We have experience with test rigs in the power range from 15 W (hermetic compressors) to 900 kW (screw compressors). In addition to (semi-) hermetic compressors, test rigs for open compressors with suitable drive motors are also available. We can also supply test rigs for condensing units in accordance with the standards DIN EN 13771-2 and DIN EN 13215 or your requirements.

TypsAll compressor types from hermetic to semi-hermetic to open and from reciprocating, scroll and rolling piston to screw compressors.
Power range15 W (e.g. hermetic compressorsr) bis 900 kW (e.g. screw compressor)
RefrigerantsR134a, R410A, R448a, R513a, R1234yf, R600a, R290, R744 (CO2), etc.

Heat pump test rigs

For performance measurement and development of heat pumps we build test rigs according to the standards DIN EN 14511, DIN EN 14825, DIN EN 16147 or your requirements. We have experience in the construction of test rigs for brine/water as well as air/water heat pumps in the heat output range from 1 kW to 250 kW. We can also supply test rigs for chillers and domestic hot water heat pumps.

Typsbrine/water, air/water, air/air (on request)
Heat output range1 kW – 250 kW

Heat exchanger / component test rigs

For the measurement of heat exchangers for various media (air, water, brine, refrigerants) with and without phase transition, we offer test rigs according to the standards DIN EN 306, DIN EN 1117, DIN EN 1118 or your requirements. We can also develop and build test rigs for measurements and for life tests of other components in the refrigeration circuit (solenoid valves, thermostatic or electrical expansion valves, filters etc.). We have experience with test rigs in the power range from 100 W to 200 kW.

Typenevaporator, condenser, heat exchanger without phase changes
DesignsTube fin / micro channel / tube bundle / plate heat exchanger
MediaAir, water, brine, all common refrigerants (e.g. R134a, R448a, R744, R1234yf, R290 - on request)
Leistungsbereichca. 100 W – 200 kW

Calibration and maintenance services

  • Regular standard-compliant calibration partly in cooperation for pressure sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, mass flow meters and electrical power meters
  • Complete maintenance contracts for your test rigs


  • 2001 - 2005: 5 Compressor performance test rigs for unmanned operation 10 kW; 30 kW; 70 kW; 100 kW; 300 kW
  • 2003 - 2007: 4 Compressor performance test rigs for unmanned operation 6 kW; 60 kW; 300 kW; 900 kW,
  • 2000 - 2007: 5 Test rigs for life time tests; 3 Compressor performance test rigs for hermetic compressors and unmanned operation
  • 2007 - 2008: 2 Compressor performance test rigs 125 kW; 70 kW
  • 2007: simulation facility for CO2-Supermarket 40 kW
  • 2009: Evaporator performance test rig for flammable refrigerants
  • 2010: Acoustic test rig for hermetic compressors
  • 2011: Test rig for open compressors with simulation driving cycle, unmanned operation
  • 2012: Performance test rig for evaporators and condensers
  • 2013: Load simulation system for chillers  up to 450 kW (Container)
  • 2014: Performance test rig for compressors, evaporators and condensers up to 150 kW
  • 2015: Performance test rig for CO2 compressors (Gas loop, supercritical, unmanned operation)
  • 2016: 2 Performance test rigs for heat pumps 35 kW (Birne/Air – Water) and 250 kW (Brine – Water)
  • 2017: Performance test rig for compressors and flammable refrigerants (gas loop)
  • 2018: Performance test rig for compressors (flammable refrigerants, container, unmanned operation)
  • 2019: 2 Performance test rigs for heat pumps 15 kW and 25 kW (Air – Water)
  • 2020: 1 Performance test rig for heat pumps 40 kW (Air – Water)
  • 2021: 1 Performance test rig for car CO2 compressors approx. 10 kW & 1 Performance test rig for stationary CO2 compressors approx. 500kW

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