Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Image Refrigerants, lubricants and mixtures
Image Modular storage system for solar cooling
Image Software modules
Image Multifunctional electronic modules for cryogenic applications
Image Non- invasive flow measurements
Image Investigation of material-dependent parameters
Image Energy efficiency consulting - cogeneration systems
Image Investigation according to DIN EN ISO 14903
Image Swirl-free on the move...
Image Testing of mobile leak detectors according to DIN EN 14624
Image Cryogenic liquid piston pumps for cold liquefied gases like LIN, LOX, LHe, LH2, LNG, LAr
Image In-situ investigation concerning the swelling behaviour of polymer materials under elevated pressures and temperatures
Image Service offer for Leak Detection and Tightness Test
Image Investigation of materials
Image Ice Slurry Generation
Image Humidifier System for High-Purity Gases

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Energieeffizienzbewertung und optimierte Betriebsführung von gewerblichen Kälteanlagen

Projektträger Jülich (PTJ)


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Rittsche


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Further Projects - Consulting, Expert Opinions


Software for technical building equipment

Design cooling load and energetic annual simulation (VDI 2078, VDI 6007, VDI 6020)