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Image Cryogenic liquid piston pumps for cold liquefied gases like LIN, LOX, LHe, LH2, LNG, LAr
Image Software for technical building equipment
Image Cryostats, Non-Metallic and Metallic
Image Software modules
Image Computational fluid dynamics CFD
Image Verification of storage suitability of cryo tubes
Image Lifetime prediction of hermetic compressor systems
Image Testzentrum PLWP at ILK Dresden
Image High temperature heat pump
Image Refrigerants, lubricants and mixtures
Image Testing of mobile leak detectors according to DIN EN 14624
Image Innovative cryogenic cooling system for the recondensation / liquefaction of technical gases up to 77 K
Image Thermal engines
Image Investigation of coolants
Image Reduction of primary noise sources of fans
Image Thermostatic Expansion Valves

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IIR International Conference | Dresden


The 17th CRYOGENICS 2023 IIR International Conference still continues in the series of conferences held every two years. This time again in Dresden, from April 24 to 28, 2023.

The 17th CRYOGENICS 2023 brings together researchers and professionals in the field of cryogenics and low-temperature physics to discuss the latest developments related to the equipment and technologies in the area of low temperatures below 120 K (-153°C).

Cryogenics is a key technology for current and future global challenges like energy, environment, mobility, health, space exploration, particle physics and nuclear fusion.

The 17th CRYOGENICS 2023 will address these challenges. The focus will be, among others, applied superconductivity for energy supply and particle accelerators, cryogenic hydrogen and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as energy carriers, space cryogenics as well as applications of low temperatures in medicine, cryobiology and cryotherapy.

The 17th CRYOGENICS2023 is a joint conference of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) Commissions: A1 (Cryophysics and Cryoengineering),  A2 (Liquefaction and Separation of Gases) and C1 (Cryobiology and Cryomedicine)

The ILK Dresden is one of the main partners of the 17th CRYOGENICS 2023. https://www.cryogenics-conference.eu/cryogenics2023/

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