Current research projects

Image Swirl-free on the move...
Image Micro heat exchangers in refrigeration
Image Optimizing HVAC operation with machine learning
Image Non- invasive flow measurements
Image Characterisation of Superconductors in Hydrogen Atmosphere
Image Innovative small helium liquefier
Image Practical training, diploma, master, bachelor
Image Air-flow test rig for fan characteristic measurement
Image IO-Scan - Integral measuring optical scanning method
Image Testzentrum PLWP at ILK Dresden
Image Humidifier System for High-Purity Gases
Image Test procedures for electrical components
Image Thermostatic Expansion Valves
Image Multifunctional electronic modules for cryogenic applications
Image Corrosion inhibitor for ammonia absorption systems
Image Measurement of insulated packaging

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Further Projects


Thermal engines

Power Generation from Waste Heat


Helium extraction from natural gas

Innovative solutions for helium extraction


Ice Slurry Generation

Using Direct Evaporation


Pulse-Tube-Refrigerator with sealed compressor

for mobil use in the hydrogen technology


Low Temperature Measuring Service

Measurement of Thermal Properties at Low Temperatures