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11. Colloquium for Air Pollution Control in Dresden

News from Research and Development


Superfine aerosols and nanoparticles – a challenge for air pollution control

On September 19th 2017 the ILK will host the 11. Colloquium for Air Pollution Control in Dresden in cooperation with the district society of the VDI (Society of German Engineers). Venue for this event is the centrally located Deutsches Hygiene-Museum.

The focus of the 11. Colloquium in Dresden will be on superfine aerosols and nanoparticles which are present in our air as a result of combustion processes and industrial production and which have negative effects on our health. The supply of technologies for the acquisition and development of methods of separating those usually invisible pollutants must constantly be improved in order to counteract the emissions of the ever-growing industrial development and in order to keep our air as source of life clean.

The latest development methods and results will be presented at the 11. Colloquium in Dresden. Contributions will come from development engineers as well as producers of filter materials, filter systems and other important components. As a symposium, the event offers a platform for the exchange of experiences between developers from the filter and supply industry, suppliers of measurement technologies, staff from research institutes, representatives of the legislative authority, professional associations and employer’s liability insurance associations, which face the challenge and responsibility of a sustainable development. This creates new chances for networking and the use of synergies.


8:15 am


9:00 am

Welcome and Opening of the Event

R. Herzog

CEO ILK Dresden

9:15 am

Welcoming Speech of the District Society of the VDI Dresden (Society of German Engineers Dresden)

O. Andersen

Deputy Chairman of the District Society of the VDI Dresden

9:30 am

“Measurement and Characterization of Nanomaterials”

S. Plitzko, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)

10:00 am

“Air Filtration in the Course of Time – Importance and Consequences of ISO 16890 for Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Technology as well as Industrial Filtration”

K. Schulz, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE&Co. KG

10:30 am

Coffee Break

11:00 am

„IPA Conditioning Cabinet TDC 584 for Testing Air Filters according to ISO 16890-4”

S. Kost, Topas GmbH

11:30 am

„Nanostructure in Filter Media“

U. Schneider, Gebr. Röders GmbH

12:00 am

Poster Session: Poster Contributions to Current Research Topics at the ILK Dresden gGmbH

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm

“Safety in the Operation of Additive Production Plants and their airborne Pollutants”

S. Jakschik, ULT AG

2:00 pm

“Innovative Compact Filter Systems for the Separation of Finest Dusts from Industrial Processes”

V. Bauer, BG Filtration GmbH

2:30 pm

“Separation Systems for Soldering Machines and Dryers”

H. Bell, Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH

3:00 pm

Coffee Break

3:30 pm

“Climate Effects of Toxicologically Relevant Soot Particles from Single Room Heating – Double Effect of Catalysts”

K. Öhmichen, DBGZ gGmbH

4:00 pm

“Options for Reducing Dust Emissions on Small-Scale Burning Facilities”

4:30 pm


R. Heidenreich, ILK Dresden


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