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REHVA Student / World Student Competition 2019

Jannnis Müller wins second place


At this year's conference Clima 2019 the contribution "Development of an adaptive airfoil contour for use as fan blade" was awarded second place at the World Student Competition on 28.05.2019. Five student participants presented their works in the final on behalf of the respective associations (SHASE/Japan, SAREK/Korea, CCHVAC/China, ASHRAE/North America and REHVA/Europe) and were evaluated by an international jury. The winner of the World Student Competition 2019 was Yijun Fu from China with her contribution "Research on Heat Transfer Charachteristics of Carbon Dioxide in Microchannel".

For the World Student Competition, Mr. Müller as representative of Germany for the VDI had prevailed against 14 other applicants from Europe in the REHVA Student Competition the day before.

Mr. Müller's contribution is based on the work of his master thesis. The thesis was supervised by the FH Erfurt and ILK Dresden and is part of a series of different research projects around the topic "fan". With more than 1000 speakers and listeners from over 40 countries and 50 sponsors, exhibitors and organisers, Clima 2019 is one of the largest conferences in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Congratulations to the European Champion and Vice World Champion!

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