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EN 16798: Series of European Standards on Energy Efficiency Assessment of Building Ventilation published

Calculation and Inspection


As a result of the amendment of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) in 2010, several technical committees under the mandate CEN/M480 have been involved to work on the implementing standards. The following topics are assigned to the committees:

  • CEN/TC 371 - Project Committee - Energy Performance of Building project group
  • CEN/TC 89 - Thermal performance of buildings and building components
  • CEN/TC 156 - Ventilation for buildings
  • CEN/TC 169 - Light and lighting
  • CEN/TC 228 - Heating systems in buildings
  • CEN/TC 247 - Building automation, controls and building management

Employees of ILK Dresden have been involved in CEN/TC 156 from 2013 to 2017 and worked on several standards. Due to the modular structure of the new conglomerate, a high number of standards including their accompanying technical reports has been generated.

In particular, the following standards have been currently released:

  • EN 16798-3:2017-11: For non-residential buildings - Performance requirements for ventilation and room-conditioning systems; substitutes EN 13779:2007-09
  • EN 16798-5-1:2017-11: Calculation methods for energy requirements of ventilation and air conditioning systems - Method 1: Distribution and generation; substitutes EN 15241:2011-06
  • EN 16798-5-2:2017-11: Calculation methods for energy requirements of ventilation systems - Method 2: Distribution and generation; substitutes EN 15241:2011-06
  • EN 16798-7:2017-11: Calculation methods for the determination of air flow rates in buildings including infiltration; substitutes EN 15242:2007-09
  • EN 16798-9:2017-11: Calculation methods for energy requirements of cooling systems - General; substitutes EN 15243:2007-10
  • EN 16798-13:2017-11: Calculation of cooling systems - Generation; substitutes EN 15243:2007-10
  • EN 16798-15:2017-11: Calculation of cooling systems - Storage
  • EN 16798-17:2017-11: Guidelines for inspection of ventilation and air conditioning systems; substitutes EN 15239:2007-08, EN 15240:2007-08

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