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Image Micro heat exchangers in refrigeration
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Image Laseroptical measurement
Image Air-water heat pumps
Image Measurement of insulated packaging
Image Development of test methods and test rigs for stationary integrated refrigeration units
Image Modular storage system for solar cooling
Image Test rigs for refrigeration and heat pump technology
Image Behavior of multiphase cryogenic fluids
Image In-situ investigation concerning the swelling behaviour of polymer materials under elevated pressures and temperatures
Image High Capacity Pulse Tube Cooler
Image Investigation according to DIN EN ISO 14903
Image Solar Cooling
Image Combined building and system simulation
Image Thermal engines

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Now available for propane!

Refrigerating compressors: performance, life span, condition



Towards the end of last year, the Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK) brought a new test bed for flammable refrigerants into service. Tests on compressors up to 30 m3/h and propane have been possible since January 2020. The newly developed automation solution allows measurements of refrigeration capacity due to DIN EN 13771-1 as well as shortened life span tests with increasing stress levels of over 500 hours with a subsequent condition analysis.


<link projekt leistungspruefung-an-kaeltemittelverdichtern>Find further information on compressor tests here.


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